Who We Are

All In Black is led by a team of professionals from the security, recruitment and training arms of professional security. We combine experience from Civilian, Police and Military backgrounds, which gives All In Black the insights and expertise to advise our clients on the right security requirements for their needs.

Our Values

  • Dynamic
    • We have the ability to adapt to unique situations and all of our operatives and guards trained for the real world. All of our activities are proactive, innovative, planned and delivered in real-time.
  • Dedicated
    • We recruit local people, trained locally to keep a local footprint in locations across the UK, and we are committed to retaining a sense of community in our services.
  • Detailed
    • All of our people are fully vetted and checked and are a security detail you can depend on in every situation, including covert high-end operations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to deliver 21st Century security solutions and protect the communities we serve.


Our flexibility is central to our success. Our experience shows us that no security situation is ever the same, no clients’ needs are ever the same and no working day is ever the same for our professionals, which is why we offer tailored solutions to your security needs.

Our commitment to evolving in an ever-changing world, ensures that our entire workforce is constantly trained to meet the demands we face and deliver our services for our clients to the highest standard.

Our risk assessments, consultancy and security system solutions are constantly evolving and taking into consideration the new and emerging threats that clients will face in a multitude of environments.

Whatever your security needs – we have you covered.