The use of drones can create both great security and business value and can be used as part of a company’s value chain, supporting the company’s KPIs in quality, documentation, logistics and inspection.

AIB Group can help you choose a drone solution that fits your needs, whether that is a “standard” drone solution with GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, data link (for communication), battery or batteries and remote control or one that includes software that makes it possible to establish a GEOfence in the flight zone of the drone to ensure it only flies in the permitted area.

AIB Group is currently working on a number of solutions where drones are used, such as the patrolling and supervision of harbour areas and construction sites, or the supervision and patrolling of large perimeters. We also use drones for inspection tasks tailored to customers’ needs and logistical tasks, such as loading and localisation of goods, trailers and containers for optimisation of flow and outdoor storage. Other examples include a security officer / drone security setup for inspections and response to security breaches, varied facility management tasks (roofs, drains, tall chimneys, cables, etc.), alarm patrol response (security officer patrol) and search of missing persons.

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