Why community safety schemes are vital for public confidence

The security of the public, particularly women and girls, has come into sharp focus in recent months. With the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggesting that as many as 80% of women do not feel safe on the streets and 40% of men also feeling unsafe, it’s clear that more needs to be done to give residents trust and confidence in the safety of their public spaces.

All In Black Security have been working with councils to develop our Community Safety Officer programme, which has proved highly successful across public spaces such as parks, high streets and housing estates. We know that every community is different and they have different characters, needs and threat levels. That’s why our CSO approach is different in that it is led by intelligence and driven by the local community. In essence, our staff are from the community, serve the community and care about the community.

How AIB can support local councils and residents

As councils balance the growing public demand to improve community safety measures, with not only a lack of police resource but dwindling confidence in the police from some sections of society, our CSO programme could be the stepping stone needed to demonstrate that the council is serious about the safety of local residents.

At AIB, our biggest asset is our people. We invest in people. We believe in them. That is why we take recruitment so seriously. All of our AIB operatives are fully vetted and checked and are a security detail you can depend on in every situation, including covert and high-end operations.

Above all, we have the ability to adapt to unique situations and all of our operatives and guards are trained for real world and real-time incidents.

To find out more about our Community Safety Scheme, contact 01908 030088 or email aaron@aib-group.co.uk