Enhanced Guarding

Enhanced Guarding

Our enhanced security teams include are highly-trained individuals, ex-special forces and military personnel. They specialise in:

  • Patrol Surveillance and Covert Work
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • High-risk scenarios
  • Health & Safety
  • Penetration testing
  • In-house bespoke training

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Surveillance and Covert Work

Surveillance and Covert Work

All surveillance assignments are carried out with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our officers are highly skilled, experienced and appropriately trained for the task and provide a full detailed and timed report suitable for use as evidence in court, accompanied by photographic and video evidence where appropriate. We also have the assistance of Close Protection Officers and Security Consultants in problematic areas.

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Door Supervisors

Close Protection / Bodyguards

Close Protection / Bodyguards

As a leading provider of executive protection, AIB Group understands the difficulties and challenges that being in the public eye can bring. We tailor our security to suit your needs.

We provide a personal specialised approach to every situation with our bodyguard services, creating a customised security solution that meets your needs and ensures your safety.

Our bodyguards can provide security for one person or teams of people. We will tailor a package that is specific to your personal level of risk, requirement and budget. Close quarter protection, Security Specialist, Bodyguard, Specialist Security Protection, there are many names, but they all mean the same thing; a service to protect you.

If you believe there is a threat to you or your family in a specific situation or ongoing, contact us today to arrange a protection operative.

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Specialist services

Security Solutions

AIB Security offers the security solutions that you require. Whether it is guarding, protests and crowd management, protecting assets, patrolling buildings around the clock or providing security for moving, we have you covered.

Our Key Principles

  • Choice
  • Discretion
  • Reputation


We believe in providing our clients with a range of options. That is why we work with our clients to design a bespoke service in advance of any security solution we implement, giving them maximum control and input into the way the security services will be delivered.


AIB Secure operates with the highest levels of discretion. We are trusted and experienced at the highest levels to support high-profile individuals and their families.


Our job is to protect our clients’ reputations, pre-empting threats, mitigating risks and ensuring clients are able to maximise their lifestyle in a secure way. We use a range of de-escalation methods to support our work and ensure you are able to go about your day, hassle-free.

Our services protect you from start to finish. Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, we can design a security package that means you can have peace of mind that you are safe and secure at all times.

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What we protect

Why Choose AIB Secure?

We have you covered. We operate with high profile individuals within sport, show business, political life and the foreign diplomatic services.

Our experience in these sectors shows us that no security situation is ever the same, no clients’ needs are ever the same and no working day is ever the same for our professionals, meaning our flexibility in central to our success.

Whatever your security needs – we have you covered.

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    The Way We Work

    • Dynamic. Dedicated. Detailed.
    • Risk assessments in every single job.
    • No single security situation is the same.
    • Everything we do for a client is tailored and unique.
    • Choice. Discretion. Reputation

    Our experience – our clients are:

    • Football players
    • Adidas sponsored players
    • Red Bull Racing team
    • The Indian high commission
    • The Saudi Royal family
    • Celebrities

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      Stewards are the first people that customers and guests will see upon entering a venue. That is why it is crucial that they represent your organisation well.

      Our services include:

      • Crowd safety and management
      • Crowd modelling
      • Operational support and planning
      • First aid, fire & safety officers

      AIB stewards ensure that the proceedings of an event go well, minimising conflict and dealing with any potential threats to the safety of people present. They can also be utilised for:

      • Maintaining entrance/exit search policies
      • Ensuring licensing laws are adhered to
      • Assisting people either physically or by offering information

      AIB Security provide fully licensed door supervisors to a range of venues with varying crowd and people management needs, such as:

      • Hotels
      • Corporate Functions
      • Cinemas & Theatres
      • Museums
      • Private Members’ Clubs
      • Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums
      • Auction Houses
      • Nightclubs
      • Public Houses
      • Restaurants & Bars
      • Private Events
      • Award Ceremonies

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      Parking Management

      Parking management

      Parking management

      Whether you operate from a single building or multiple locations, AIB have the perfect solution for your events. We can help you implement intelligent and effective ways to monitor, manage and protect your parking facilities.

      Extensive in-house technical capabilities and outstanding frontline customer support, enable AIB to seamlessly deliver the latest parking technologies and develop bespoke solutions when required.

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      Crowd Management

      Crowd management

      Crowd management

      AIB Security tailor to the needs of each client. Our uniformed teams of security officers carry out a range of integrated services, from safeguarding business premises to customer service on reception.

      AIB Security use an internal incident management and reporting software, this ensures optimal efficiency and compliance across a single or multi-site environment.

      Our manned guarding services include:

      • Manned security services
      • Access and egress control
      • Ticket/Pass control
      • Customer services (meet and greet)
      • Reception and concierge
      • CCTV Monitoring
      • Tactical fire first response
      • Back office staff

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      Security Dog


      AIB Security’s  highly-trained security guard dogs provide a visible, cost-effective method to screen people, locations or vehicles at scale, providing early detection of intruders, explosive, drugs or flares.

      Guard dog security support is ideal for checking a venue, screening people (or vehicles) as they enter an event, or securing a perimeter.

      We provide the following services to protect your events:

      • General Purpose Security Dogs
      • Drug Detection Dogs
      • Explosive Detection Dogs
      • Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs

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