AIB Security have recently launched the ‘Report It’ hotline for concerned residents to be able to report incidents and suspicious behaviour in parks and open spaces across the Basildon Borough.

As part of an ongoing community safety scheme, AIB has been supporting the council to increase protection and reduce violent and weapons-based assaults in Basildon’s parks and open spaces.

So far, the ‘Report It’ function has been used over 500 times and helps residents to anonymously report suspicious behaviour without fear of wasting police time. The reports immediately trigger to our community safety officers who then deploy to the site, either on foot or via their tracked vehicles. The ‘Report It’ button has helped us to reduce knife crime, move suspected drug dealers on from car park locations at the entrances to parks and even support residents who have had a trip or fall in the park and need immediate First Aid before an ambulance arrives.

The ‘Report It’ function has been a roaring success.